Beadwork & Wire Classes

We offer a bunch of great classes here at String Bead. Let our experienced staff teach you the in's and out's of beading. With classes ranging from beginning to advanced beading there's something here for everyone! Our classes are a fun way to learn different beading skills and meet some really great people.

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Beginning Beading -- $20.00 Materials included

Beginning Wire -- $20.00 Materials included

Wire-Wrapped Pendant -- $45.00 Materials not included

Start from the top, or shall we say start with the tools! We cover all the do's and don'ts in beading and set you on the right path to becoming a professional beader! Walk away with a bracelet, a corded necklace, and a pair of earrings all made by you!
Wire-Wrapped Pendant

Start from the top, or shall we say start with the tools! We cover all the do's and don'ts in beading and set you on the right path to becoming a professional beader! Walk away with a bracelet, a corded necklace, and a pair of earrings all made by you!

Loops, links, wire, and more loops! By the end of your wire bracelet, and a pair of earrings to match, links will be second nature. Plus learn how to finish that bracelet by making your own clasp! And then, after all that, if there is still time left, we will make the illusive dragonfly charm!

Don't know what to do with that rock you tumbled? Do you have a cut stone with no hole? This class will teach you how to cage that stone and give it a unique and finished look. Janette is a wonderful teacher that sends everyone home with a masterpiece.

Beginning Wire Prerequisite - Intermediate Wire is suggested.

Saturday, Oct. 7th 10-1pm
Saturday, Nov. 4th 10-1pm
Saturday, Dec. 2nd 10-1pm

Saturday, Oct. 14th 10-1pm
Saturday, Nov. 11th 10-1pm
Saturday, Dec. 2nd 2-5pm

Saturday, Oct. 14th 2-5pm
Saturday, Dec. 16th 10-1pm

Clusters -- $20.00 Materials not included

P.M.C. -- $35.00 Materials not included

Pearl Knotting-- $20.00 Materials included

Pearl Knotting Necklace

Combine textures, shapes, and colors in a collage of beads. Big too little you can make this cluster as fancy or as casual as you want it to be.

Beginning Wire Prerequisite

This is a basic class to get you familiar with the medium and the tools. Learn how to make pendants or earring pieces using this unique clay. Find out different ways of firing the projects as well as polishing and cleaning them up. If you find you like this material we have more advanced classes!

Knotting isn't just for the pearls anymore. Learn how and why knotting is still used today and knot just in the traditional fashion. We'll show you the different techniques and tools you'll need to finish your project. This is another good way of getting rid of “orphan” beads. Make the very popular Bead Wrap.

Saturday, Oct. 21st 2-5pm
Saturday, Dec. 16th 2-5pm

Tuesday, Sept. 19th 10-1pm
Tuesday, Nov. 14th 10-1pm

Saturday, Sept. 16th 2-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 25th 10-1pm

Seed Bead Earrings-- $20.00 Materials included

Intermediate Wire -- $20.00 Some Materials included (beads are not included)

Beaded Ornament -- $20.00 Materials not included


This is a simple starter for seed bead stitching. This classic earring style is fun and can be changed in size and color for every pair you make. We’re using tiny beads so bring your magnifiers for this one!

Crazy about wire? So is the teacher! You will learn about wire, how to bend it, shape it, snip it, pound it, texture it, harden it. Learn much more than you probably want to know about wire!

Beginning Wire Prerequisite

Jazz up your old Christmas decorations with these cool beaded ornament covers! Learn how to read and follow this pattern to confidently make multiple ones at home. Make sets for friends or family!

Tuesday, Sept. 5th 10-1pm
Tuesday, Nov. 7th 10-1pm

Saturday, Sept. 30th 2-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 18th 2-5pm

Saturday, Nov. 4th 10-1pm
Saturday, Dec. 16th 10-1pm

Basic Macrame -- $20.00 Materials not included

Open Saw Work -- $35.00 Materials included

Etching -- $35.00 Some Materials included

Saw Work (2)
Etching 2 (2)

Kristine Buchanan said it best on the cover of her book. "It’s Not 1970 Anymore." Come learn how beautiful macrame can be. This is the best place to start to learn macrame. We will teach the knots to great you start for more advance patterns.

Let Stringbead’s Atalia Molaro show you how fun Saw Work really is. We will be going over everything from broken saw blades to bench pins in this workshop. Teaching you troubleshooting skills and taking the frustrations out of saw work. After creating your first sawn piece, or correcting the bad habits that have made openwork frustrating, we’re confident that you will find yourself as excited about the possibilities are we are!

Always adding new things! We will cover chemical etching, making at least two pairs of earrings. Electric etching, making a pendant. And discussions on other ways to achieve the etch you are looking for. We cover a wide range of resists, when and where they work. If you have a favorite small rubber stamp bring it! We will have stamps available and EVEN a small demo on how to make your own!

Saturday, Sept. 30th 10-1pm
Saturday, Nov. 25th 2-5pm

Saturday, Nov. 4th 2-5pm

Saturday, Oct. 7th 2-5pm
Saturday, Dec. 16th 2-5pm