Guest Artist Classes

These special classes are taught by our extremely talented guest artists.

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*Due to the fact that our Guest Artists must travel and prepare in advance there will be NO refunds or Class Credits given for missed or canceled classes. You may send someone in place of you ONLY.


Marla O’Brien

Marla has been involved with various art forms since the early ‘70s. She grew up in San Diego and became involved with theatre projects.  She moved to the north state in 1977, where she taught theatre workshops and directed productions in Redding, Chico and Paradise, often creating wire and beaded jewelry pieces for performers in the shows. For several years she was involved with the American Lung Association, where she was in charge of the arts & crafts activities at their annual summer camp for kids with asthma. She enjoys making theatre-themed jewelry for her friends, as those types of pieces are not readily available in local shops. One of her favorite things is making custom-designed beaded earrings and bracelets for clients, creating pieces to go with special outfits, events and interests.

Right Angle Weave -- $20.00 Materials not included

Super Duo Bracelet & Earrings -- $20.00 Materials not included

Tile Stitch Bracelet -- $20.00 Materials not included

m1Right Angle Weave
m2Super Dup Bracelet & Earings 1
m3Tile Stich Braclet

Don’t you just love the versatility of a right angle weave stitch!  The design possibilities are endless! Create one of these elegant bracelets to go with your holiday finery, using a combination of several different bead choices and a double dose of embellishments.

This festive bracelet and earring set, created with SuperDuo two-hole twin beads, pearls and seed beads, is sure to liven up your holidays!  The pieces are made using a two-needle stringing method, which is super easy to learn and super enjoyable to perform!  This set makes a great present for the jewelry-lovers on your gift list.

First manufactured many decades ago, two-hole tile beads have surged to great popularity in recent years. With a variety of beautiful colors and finishes, they invite the sense of touch, especially when their flat, smooth surfaces contrast with other beads used in your creation. This tile bracelet design is very fun to make, feels great on the wrist, and will be a lovely addition to your fall/winter accessory collection.

Saturday, Oct. 21st 10-1pm
Saturday, Nov. 25th 2-5pm

Saturday, Nov. 4th 2-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 25th 10-1pm

Saturday, Oct. 21st 2-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 4th 10-1pm

Cindy Boyd

Cindy Boyd is a retired business professional who started sewing, knitting and crocheting as a young girl. Cindy discovered her love of beads about twenty years ago! Now, she is having fun teaching classes with the String Bead team and making friends in our community. You will find that she is a patient skilled instructor who enjoys seeing your finished projects! Cindy loves bead weaving and bead embroidery. Her other passions include copper electroplating, making silk shibori ribbon and soutache!

Shibori Ribbon Bead Embroidery -- $25.00 Materials not included

Free-form Peyote -- $30.00 Materials not included

Peyote Bezel Stone -- $20.00 Materials not included

c7Shibori Ribbon Bead Embroidery
c2Free-form Peyote 2
c1Beaded Emboroidered Cabochon Pendant

Shibori silk ribbon is beautiful in bead embroidery. Create your design for a pendant to cuff. While we may not be able to complete the project in class, you will learn the techniques to create your own designs. Spend the day with us working on your project!

Have fun with freeform peyote. Whether bracelet or necklace, enjoy your favorite beads in this open weave pattern. This project is great for different types and sizes of seed beads and easily incorporates pearls, crystals or stones. Your project will be completely unique!

Peyote bezel you favorite cabochon! Use your seed beads/Delicas to compliment the stone that can be used as a pendant or incorporated into a bracelet.

Saturday, Sept. 16th 10-1pm
Saturday, Nov. 18th 2-5pm

Saturday, Sept. 23rd 10-5pm

Saturday, Oct. 7th 10-1pm
Saturday, Nov. 18th 10-1pm

Paisley Bead Embroidery-- $20.00 Materials not included

Tubular Herringbone -- $20.00 Materials not included

Honeycomb Bangle -- $20.00 Materials not included

c4Paisley Bead Embroidery
c9Tubular Herringbone
c3Honeycomb Bangle

Paisley is so much fun. This bead embroidery project can be the size and colors you love. Incorporate shaped beads, crystals and pearls along with your favorite seed beads.

Does this tubular herringbone pendant looks familiar?

Yes, from the front of BEAD & BUTTON October 2016. This can be made with different size seed beads, consider incorporating a small crystal for extra bling! This is fun to make and the rivoli bezel is beautiful!

Love bangles? These honeycomb shaped beads combined with sup duos are perfect for a bangle that will slide on easily. The pattern can be revised to incorporate a clasp.

Saturday, Nov. 11th 10-1pm
Saturday, Dec. 2nd 2-5pm

Saturday, Sept. 9th 2-5pm
Saturday, Dec. 2nd 10-1pm

 Saturday, Oct. 7th 2-5pm

Pearl Net Stitch -- $20.00 Materials not included

Super Duo Bezeled Rivoll -- $20.00 Materials not included

Russian Spiral -- $30.00 Materials not included

c5Pearl Net Stitch
c8Super Duo Bezeled Rivoll

Have fun with net stitch. Bracelet or necklace, it is easy with glass pearls accented with tiny crystals!

These bezeled rivolis are fun and easily combined to make a necklace, pendant or bracelet. Super duos make it easy!

This Russian spiral is fun and easy. While this was made with different types and sizes of seed beads, it can be dressed up with crystals. It is beautiful as a bracelet or necklace, or go crazy with both!

Saturday, Sept. 16th 2-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 11th 2-5pm

Saturday, Sept. 9th 10-1pm

Saturday, Oct. 14th 10-5pm